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    You're not the first, but I think you account for the biggest word count. In any case, I'm glad to be here fighting the good fight.

    If you like that sort of style, then I highly recommend the complete Judge Dredd case files vol. 6 to 11.
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    I just figured out that visitor messages are a thing and I saw your message. Thanks for welcoming me, its apt that you'd be the first to do so because you're the entire reason I made an account. I was lurking the new crewmate thread and I was stunned that there was almost nobody who seemed to even be considering that Carrot might be being set up as the next crewmate. I thought it was somewhat likely when she stowed away, and then I thought it was set in stone when Pedro died after imparting his will to her. But you were pretty much the only one who seemed to be seeing what I was seeing.

    So yeah, the only reason I made my account was because I thought you needed backup in the next nakama thread, lol.

    Oh, and my avatar isn't RASL, it's Chopper from the Judge Dredd comics. The art for that particular image was by Cam Kennedy.
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    Thanks for the friend request! I've enjoyed our conversations, even if most of them are from opposing viewpoints. Did you send the sudden invite on a whim of thinking I was a cool person to talk with, or something else?
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    Cool. Look forward to finding out what happens in the end.
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    I really like your posts in the nakama thread. They are really insightful and convince me more and more about Carrot with each post.
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    With what? What do you mean?
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    Of course, the main reason: Luffy is supposed to have the last laugh, Sunny getting destroyed doesn't add up to that statement. However, it being partially destroyed could be a great way to show the consequences of dealing with an emperor.

    My point was more that it was acknowledged and the situation, regardless of it happening or not, merits even those sort of decisions.
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    Funny with the latest chapter, abandoning ship was actually brought up.
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    thank you I try my best haha
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    Glad to hear. I think that was the issue, I was not advocating a theory. But when someone says they could only escape with the bombing, I felt the need to point out that there were other options. We as readers know that the Sunny will not be destroyed without the entire crew being there for the emotional weight of such scene. However, if you put that kind of perspective into a story, it limits how it can branch out. Hence, many people were complaining that Katakuri only decided to burn the ship after the Straw Hats escaped. Even if we argue about the benefits of keeping the ship, it is the same: *we* know it will not be destroyed, a plot armor.

    If Pedro had not exploded, what would Luffy have said? Stand their ground? The ship was getting eaten by Big Mom. Before Pedro's suicide attempt, I would not have said: "They will abandon the Sunny". I know Oda will never let it happen. But in terms of possibilities, if this were any author, then it could happen. I hope that makes sense.
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